How do I log into my account?

Click the Sign In Tab in the menu.

Please enter your username or email address that you signed up with followed by your password. if you have forgotten your password click the “Forgot password?” link.


What do I do if I forgot my password?

Please use the following LINK to request a password reset. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.


How do I access/change my account information?

To update your profile, first log-in to your account. 

All of your account information, including billing, orders, and personal information, can be accessed/changed through the My Account section of the website.

Click on your profile link in the top right corner of the landing page to access your profile page.

Select ”My Account“. From here you can change your name and email, see your orders and billing info.


How do I access my content?

Make sure that you are logged into the site using the email address and password you set up at the time of your purchase. Then go to “My Dashboard” tab on the top right corner where you can view all of your purchased courses.


What do I get with my purchase?

Purchasing a class provides you with lifetime, on-demand access to stream that class's lessons and any related class materials.


Can I watch the course multiple times?

Yes, once you have signed up you may watch the course as many times as you wish. You can stop, start, and come back whenever you need.  Learn at your own pace on your own time. 


Is the enrollment  refundable?

Once you are enrolled in a course, we do not offer refunds.


Can I study the course on a phone or tablet device such as an iPad?

Yes, our website is fully mobile responsive and so you will be able to take your courses on the go from any phone, tablet, or computer!


English is not my first language, can I still do the course?

Anyone with a basic understanding of the English language should be able to follow along without any problems, as Lola delivers each lesson in a clear and concise manner through video tutorials. You can also pause and rewind each video tutorial and go through the chapters as many times as you need to, in order to grasp the techniques being taught.


What version of Photoshop do I need for the tutorials?

We suggest using the latest version of Photoshop, but our tutorials are designed to be compatible with CS4, CS5, CS6 & Photoshop CC.


Can I share my account with friends and family?

All content on this website is intended for individual use by the purchaser only. Sharing them with friends, family and others is piracy and can result in cancellation of your account. You will need additional subscriptions for friends, family, and colleagues.


Can I download the videos?

No, the videos are not downloadable. You will have lifetime access to stream them on this website at any time, but you can’t download them.


What if have trouble viewing videos?

If you have trouble viewing on your device we recommend the following steps:

  1. Clear cache and restart the browser. Also check if you’re using the newest version of the browser

  2. Try a different browser (we like Google Chrome)

  3. Try an Incognito / Private Window (this will rule out an issue with browser extensions).

  4. Restart the device (it's a cliche but it works!)

  5. If possible, try a different device!

  6. If possible, try a different internet connection! School and/or corporate firewalls occasionally block our video provider.